Monday, January 18, 2010

Recap 2009

         Its been a very long time I have posted in to a blog, so I thought why not break the silence with the recap of how my last year was. I decided to write about this after lot of debate with myself.
          2009 has been very eventful for me. I don’t recon it was an extraordinary or a wonderful year, yet it had some surprises in store for me.
I think 2009 had some magic in it. It brought about so many changes that I hadn't even dreamt of. First one is that I joined the Art of Living and successfully completed two courses. Those were some of the wonderful days for me in the past year. I met some good friends over there. It’s a wonderful course and everyone should experience it at least once in lifetime.
          The next change is that, I somehow lost intrest in I movies  previously I used to watch all the movies irrespective of actor and director on the first day, but now I am watching them on the last day if the movie is really good.
          Another thing to be noted is the last year was the year of piercing. I am not talking about the ear or some other body piercing made in order to make a fashion symbol. Infact I am referring to the surgery I have undergone in early august and to the accident which I met with in the late December. In both the situations, I was confined to bed for prolonged period. I even took a lot of injections, both to give blood and administer drugs. The last time i remember taking an injection is when I was below 3 years.

          This year I did some first time things in my life, for example, I cast my vote in loksabha and assembly elections, got caught by police for triple riding, got involved in an accident, and for the other first time things, I would prefer to keep them to myself.

           Another important thing worth mentioning here is attending Modern Medical Exhibition whether I won a prize or not is not a matter but just the effort which I put in to it is what matters here. Of course, I won a second prize for creativity.
           Another major achievement for me to host the program for Abhilasha Foundation’s first anniversary function, to which Jayasudha garu was the chief guest.
           Coming to the studies, both the semester results weren’t satisfying to me… I had a really tough practical testing than the theory examinations.
           The best movie I watched last year is AVATAR undoubtedly, and the best book I read was Angels and Demons. The suspense and the way the writer (Dan Brown) narrated the story is simply superb. I even liked the 2states by Chetan Bhagat.
              Thus last year was a mixture of both happiness and also grief, but this year started off pretty well, I am all happy till now and hope it continues till the end of this year…..


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