Monday, September 27, 2010



It all started when I started attending computer coaching where I met her… God shez so cute, so friendly, her smile is addictive and her eyes are what I used to die for… First it was just hie, bye  which slowly progressed in to friendly talks, chats, coffee’s and lunch. Nights just melted away as if they were just seconds while talking with her and it seemed ages when I waited for her messages. Bunking college and chatting in lectures was a very common thing. One fine day, she asked me out for a bike ride, for which I was overwhelmed and gladly took her on ride. Very soon she proposed and I said yes.  And there came an end to the happy going story, once our friendship transformed in to love, it started demanding more from us, and all what seemed to be fun then seemed torture now, possessiveness griped her, and she wanted me to abide to her rules. And it continued for some good 3 months after which we decided to break up. And kept away from each other for the last 6 months. Until recently, when I met her, she asked if I were happy all these six months without her. All I could say was I couldn’t judge whether I was happy or unhappy because I forgot the meaning of happiness ever since we broke up.
      Her question raised a doubt in my mind, what exactly was happiness?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Recently our college conducted paper presentation programme, in which I participated and gave a presentation on ill effects of smoking. I even won first prize for my presentation. But the irony of life is that, one of my family friends died of lung cancer after I gave my presentation. He was a chronic smoker, but the cancer wasn’t diagnosed until recently and he died in just one week of diagnosis. Nothing could be done as it was very chronic stage but remained inapparent till now. I thought though we could not save him but as a medico, I can save many people atleast by preventing them from smoking….
       The problem with most of the smokers is that, they know that smoking is injurious to their health. And others who don’t know are mostly illiterates. In either case, educating them with right facts about smoking and use of tobacco helps in reducing rate of smoking and prevent kids from getting addicted to smoking
       To start with, the consequences of tobacco, here is the list of preventable causes of death…
         If you add smoking and second hand smoke or passive smoking, it equals 438,000. If you add up all the non tobacco-related causes, it equals ½ of the people from tobacco-related. Given these numbers, helping people quit or reduce SHS exposure needs to be a health priority. Half of all teens who start to smoke will die of tobacco-related disease by they reach age of 50.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dammunna Telugu Chitram


These days I was thinking of updating my blog, had some topics on mind to pen down, but I was either busy or too neglect to sit down and start blogging. Finally, here I come with a new post, which is actually a review of the telugu movie VEDAM. I bring it to your notice that it is not any professional review of the movie, the views I expressed here in this blog are solely my views.
The first thing I loved a lot about this movie is the screenplay. The way Krish molded five characters in to a single story, is extraordinary and way out of other contemporary director’s thought. To start with,

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Idi 2-3 nelala kindati maata, enduko sudden ga naaku raayalani buddhi puttindi. Sarey puttindi, kaani ekkada rastavu? Nuv raasindi evaru chaduvutaru ani tarkinchukunnaka blogging cheyochu kada anna alochana merisindi. Anthe inkem undi oka blog prarambhinchadaniki nadum biginchanu…
        Antha baagane undi kaani andulo em rayali??? Chaala tarjana barjanalu paddaka okka vishayam ani kaakunda, ae vishayam meeda rayalanipiste ah vishayam pai raddam ani nirnayinchukunna, ika migilindi blog prarambhinchadame….

          Blog prarambhinchalante mundu daaniko manchi peru pettali kada… malli alochana modalu, em peru pettala ani, variety ga undali, andariki gurtundali, etc etc etc list to oka varam rojulu blog ki peru vetakadam lo ne saripoyindi, snehitulandari salahalu teskoni,

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Examination Hall…..

An examination hall…  A place which decides the fate of the students, happy to some and grief to others. Whatever the result may be, we are least bothered about it now, all I am gonna concentrate is on the scene in an examination hall. Its not required for an examination hall to be calm and composed all the times. If you have an eye to watch, you can catch a lot of glimpses which spread fun. You can find people doing mischievous and funny things around. 
It once happened to me that I didn’t prepare well for an exam and as a result, I couldn’t last for more than half an hour, and as I was denied an exit from the exam hall, all I could do was
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