Saturday, March 13, 2010

Examination Hall…..

An examination hall…  A place which decides the fate of the students, happy to some and grief to others. Whatever the result may be, we are least bothered about it now, all I am gonna concentrate is on the scene in an examination hall. Its not required for an examination hall to be calm and composed all the times. If you have an eye to watch, you can catch a lot of glimpses which spread fun. You can find people doing mischievous and funny things around. 
It once happened to me that I didn’t prepare well for an exam and as a result, I couldn’t last for more than half an hour, and as I was denied an exit from the exam hall, all I could do was
sit back and observe people. The interesting thing was that I was not the lonely person in that situation, but I could find many feathers of the same bird. Most of the guys who thought they didn’t prepare enough or it was just a waste of time to attend an exam didn’t turn up at all, and for those who wanted to try their luck, were biting nails. All of us had only one motto in our minds now, kill some time. And each one had his-own way to do so, and was a treat for my eyes to watch and have fun.
       One guy started to discuss about last night’s movie with his bench mate in an undertone, how the fights were and the romance between the lead pair. Gradually the topic drifted off to politics and finally ended up making plans how to fool the invigilator and run away from the hall.
       The topic about exam can never be complete without the mention of girls. Most of the girls were writing pages together, even though they don’t know anything, having an open ear at large so that they can grasp at least one point to be added to their answer sheet. Some others discuss among themselves, the thing I don’t understand is, how sure can one be by his/her neighbor’s answer? What if they give a wrong answer so that they can score more marks?
       There was a love pair snuggled up at the back, and going on and on in their romantic chat. Another cellular guy in the front bench chats away with such vigor, his typing sound can be heard all over the hall. One girl goes on asking for additional papers as if she’s going to top the university. The guy in the last bench, start teasing his neighborhood disturbing, irritating and creating menace around him. Not to forget about the peep master who always has an eye out for the neighbor’s paper. A special mention to the fellow who tries to escape from the invigilator’s eye by copying directly from textbook. And a guy start writing some funny poetry, entertaining his surroundings, but after he gets bored he settles back with his lunch box to finish it off. Yes in the examination hall.
       A drummer got lost in his own world, as if the desk was his drum set. And a guy forgot about his own paper and started to help another. Another fellow not knowing what to write, settles down to write all his anguish on college and staff in his answer sheet, hoping the examiner just reads the headings and leaves away the paragraphs. A girl lost in her dream world,  with hell lot of smiles and giggles to the reason unknown to me.
       The invigilator is busy in distributing papers and threads, collecting back the answer sheets, sometimes softly warning the students about their mischief. All this things go on inside the hall un noticeable for the people outside.


Mani said...

well this is a nice theme to start with. but unfortunately i feel the script lost its required tried to present d current scenario of the xam hall...which was a gud attempt..,font was very apt fa the article, highlight of the article was its post script..

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