Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dammunna Telugu Chitram

These days I was thinking of updating my blog, had some topics on mind to pen down, but I was either busy or too neglect to sit down and start blogging. Finally, here I come with a new post, which is actually a review of the telugu movie VEDAM. I bring it to your notice that it is not any professional review of the movie, the views I expressed here in this blog are solely my views.
The first thing I loved a lot about this movie is the screenplay. The way Krish molded five characters in to a single story, is extraordinary and way out of other contemporary director’s thought. To start with,
                  I think even if any one of the five lead characters were not there, also the movie would have been possible, all the characters were so independent, yet so apt for the movie. To start with, the character of CABLE RAJU, played by Allu Arjun, was so heart touching. I could see two shades in his role; first as a lover he would do anything for his girl. But when he is stealing money from the poor old weaver, he was desperate for his love, but Allu Arjun succeeded in showing how painful it was to bring sadness to others just for the sake of our fun. And when he comes back to return the loot, he enjoys an air of satisfaction. Through this character, Krish gives two messages. One for true love, go to any end and the next one is satisfaction and sacrifice for the sake of other people. I really appreciate the way Allu Arjun portrayed his role. Unlike his previous films there is a very less scope for all the monkey business he usually do and a lot of chance for acting. His acting in some scenes like, when he confesses about himself to his love, when he steals money and gives it back and the climax scene is really superb.
     Coming to the next role, Rock star Vivek. Here in this case the director has succeeded in showing the way things are going on in this world now a days. I felt gush of anger when the bhajarang dal activists force Vivek and Lasya either for rakhi or marriage. Is it a taboo to just hang out with a girl? Why are people behaving so foolishly? Are we still in a tribal age?( For your reference, I believe in god, do puja daily and strictly follow Hinduism )  And also the sardarji, helping Vivek in this issue even after they had a small clash reflects the human values imbibed in our Indian culture. What a variation in just a matter of minutes. And the way Vivek changes after that incident and helps a pregnant lady in the climax scene, melts any one’s heart.  Hats off to the director.
     Amalapuram Saroja, played by Anushka is a good example of friendship. Wondering where I could find friendship in her? Just remember the way she struggled for the sake of her mate Karpuram in the climax… throughout the movie she only suffered all the miseries. May be I am wrong but I couldn’t find anything more in her role (please post in comment if you can see a new angle in that role).
     Another superb character Raheemuddin Khureshi, played by Manoj bajpai. I am sure that he will sure remember this character for life. Even here, the credit goes to the director for successfully showing the communal roits and the religious discreminities without hurting anyone. And this character sets a real example for humanity, by saving the policeman who almost devastated his live, took life of his twin children even before they were born.
      Last but not the least the poor old weaver who atlast sells kidney to waive off his dues to a landlord. Through this character we come to know about the hardships of the weavers and village people, how they get exploited in hands of money greedy landlords.
     Overall, the movie will never fit in to the commercial film category. All the credit goes to the director to give so many messages in one single film. Even before were the attempts to give out a message but usually one message per film. But in this case, the condition is different, national integrity, friendship, moral values, ethics, love, goal, illiteracy(poor man is illiterate, hence gets exploited), orthodox religionism etc etc…..
     Personally I am completely lost in the trance caused by this film, it may take a couple of days to recover.


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