Monday, September 27, 2010


It all started when I started attending computer coaching where I met her… God shez so cute, so friendly, her smile is addictive and her eyes are what I used to die for… First it was just hie, bye  which slowly progressed in to friendly talks, chats, coffee’s and lunch. Nights just melted away as if they were just seconds while talking with her and it seemed ages when I waited for her messages. Bunking college and chatting in lectures was a very common thing. One fine day, she asked me out for a bike ride, for which I was overwhelmed and gladly took her on ride. Very soon she proposed and I said yes.  And there came an end to the happy going story, once our friendship transformed in to love, it started demanding more from us, and all what seemed to be fun then seemed torture now, possessiveness griped her, and she wanted me to abide to her rules. And it continued for some good 3 months after which we decided to break up. And kept away from each other for the last 6 months. Until recently, when I met her, she asked if I were happy all these six months without her. All I could say was I couldn’t judge whether I was happy or unhappy because I forgot the meaning of happiness ever since we broke up.
      Her question raised a doubt in my mind, what exactly was happiness? Previously I used to think that having a hot girlfriend, is happiness but I was proved wrong. Now I think having an understanding and caring friend in your life is most important thing, anyways it’s a different story, lets continue with my search for happiness.
I called one of my friends and asked if he knew what is happiness, to which he answered, getting drunk on a Saturday night and dancing is happiness according to him. I thought, ok then let’s check it out, and went to a pub on a week end… I saw lot of people getting high and talking all rubbish, unable to stand properly, I even doubted if they could reach their homes safely. I again thought if speaking all rubbish, risking our own safety apart from spoiling health on a long run make us happy? Therefore, I stroked off his option and came off from the pub. I just halted near a pan shop to buy a chewing gum, there I heard a guy saying last puff of a cigarette provides ultimate happiness. But the very next instant, I remembered how poisonous smoking is. So this option also couldn’t stay put. I returned home and had a sound night’s sleep. Next morning, I read in a newspaper, some millionaire stating earning more and more money makes him happy. I started thinking again, why does a person need so much money? All what I could figure out was to spend it off. So I got ready and hit the streets. Started to spend all my money I had. Ate at costlier restaurants, as well as cheap hotels, went to malls, bowling alleys, and where not… spent off almost all I had. Of course I enjoyed my day but that happiness lasted just for some minutes or may be some hours but I was gloomy again. I was returning home, where I spotted a kid around 7 or 8 years of age, cloths torn, looking shabby, and as if he haven’t eaten for ages. I went near him and enquired about his parents and family, to which he sadly replied he had neither. I felt pity for him, first took him to a nearby eatery and bought something for him to eat. Then I asked him if he was interested to come with me, so that I can take him to school and give him a good life. That moment, there was a sparkle in his eyes, and that could not be seen by getting drunk or smoking a cigarette or earning millions could not bring happiness in his eyes. I took him to a foundation run by our friends and got him admitted. As soon as I reached home, mom reminded me of the test I had the next day, and enquired if I prepared well for it. I started preparing at night and appeared for the exam the next day. Even though I got just 10 out of 50, I was satisfied for what I got, as I didn’t copy.
I found my happiness, not in writing exam but in being sincere, feeling and accepting responsibility, satisfaction and spreading joy around me… Happiness is not what we feel it alone; happiness is one which multiplies as we share it with all our people. Happiness is not the thing that we can find it outside but it is something which comes from our insides. From then onwards I am happy whatever the situation be, and trying to make my people and surroundings happy. smile a lot it costs nothing and as our elders rightly blesses


Disclaimer: All the incidents and characters in this article are purely fictitious and any resemblance with any person living or dead is purely co-incidental.


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